I LOVE TTD Sessions!

I have yet to do one but I think they can produce some really sweet images! If any of my clients are interested in doing a TTD, I will do it for FREE for the first person who schedules one! 

Here is one that is a little extreme from the awesome photographers over at Del Sol Photography. If you are a photographer looking for some new and inventive inspiration go have a look at their blog, Flash Flavor. They are doing some great things down in Mexico and it seems like they are having a blast doing it!

If you are interested in the FREE trash the dress session (*note: this can be done for non brides too... if you still have your wedding dress or want to pick one up at the thrift store for pretty cheap you can have the offer too!) please e-mail me and we can work out the details from there!


Chris and Marissa's Wedding

Here is my friends wedding up in the beautiful city of Logan! The location was perfect and she looked amazing.
Here is her little flower girl... isn't she amazing! That dress was homemade from an aunt or someone.


Mi Madre!

I love my Mom! She is the most beautiful woman (not to mention talented and smart and loving and just like Mary Poppins {practically perfect in every way!}

Here is a shot that I took of her at my friends wedding last weekend. My friend was married in Logan, UT and the scenery was wonderful and the weather was even better!


Family Session

So here are a few pics of the little family I shot last Thursday. Sorry it has been so long in coming, this past week got a little hectic (as life sometimes does... right?) Well hope you enjoy these cute people as much as I did!

Oh and exciting news... today I will be photographing my friend's post bridal shots! I am so excited to do a mild trash the dress around Salt Lake City! 


More of the Wedding

As a was editing through more of those wedding pictures from a few weeks ago I just loved how they turned out and so thought I just had to share some more with  you! Ooo now doesn't that make you hungry for some fruit?

A shot from the ceremony.
This was just after the ceremony, walking down the stairs as man and wife. Here are the Bride's brothers who were being SO careful when bringing out the cake.

Also, on Thursday I will be second shooting a family for Stayner Photography 


Little Cam

Oh the funny faces little girls make...Finally, here is the cutest little girl EVER! We had a fun time once she finally warmed up to me and my camera. The tutu added so much, I thought it was just perfect for a little girl! All these crazy faces she would pull were hysterical! I also found some fun new locations that I am aching to try out again so if you are interested just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and we can schedule a session for your little girl (or boy, or couple, or family) too!


Little One

Meet Lilly Ann! I did her mommy, Trish's shoot a little while ago. Isn't she a doll! Oh and she is a she... remember, they didn't find out what they were having. 

It was so fun to be around this little tiny baby and see how new EVERYTHING is to them, even their own hands. I can't wait to do some more of these! 

Mailing Card

So I designed a "mailing" card for my friend who is going on her mission. These were so much fun to design and they were a big hit at her open house! 

If you book a session let me know if you would be interested in something like this and we can work together on a package deal. (I don't have any set pricing yet on these... so take advantage of that while you can!)