Little boys are so much fun! I just can't get over what a blast this little guy and I had. We played in the grass with his soccer ball, baseball, football, and basketball. He giggled and laughed as we had him play with his little fishing pole and then we pulled out the infamous bubbles! 
It was such a change of pace from all the frills and ruffles I had been photographing lately. Not that I don't love little girls (I was one, how can I not love them!) But little boys are a new and exciting experience for me. 
Well with out further adieu, here is Britton...
He had his own ice cream cone for the first time - at first I am not sure he knew what it was because he pulled some pretty funny faces but he got into it in a matter of seconds!This is one of my favorite! Peter thinks he looks like Cronk from Emperor's New Groove. I had to put this one in because it makes me laugh so hard every time I look at it... little boys pull the best faces!

3 love words:

Elli said...

maddie those are the cutest pictues ever! whos baby is he? well hes adorable!
love u!
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Karinbob said...

Oh my gosh he is one little nugget!! Absolutely adorable and very funny!! Love the fishing pole!!!!

Madeline & Peter said...

This is just a little guy who's mom is a friend of my boss. He really had the cutest faces but he was a stinker too because as soon as I would pull the camera down from my face he would look right at me with the best faces... I could never catch him.