John and Fei's Wedding

Here is a wedding I shot last January. Sorry this has been a long time coming. Also this is my first Animoto video so hopefully I will get a better hang of things and produce many more in the future! As always thanks for stopping by!


And the Beauty Queen is...

I finally finished the senior pictures of my bestest little sister (and soon to be auntie!) She is pretty much drop dead gorgeous! There was one time when I was working on her pictures at the college while Peter worked on his homework and one of his friends was like, "Woah, who is that?" Peter proceeded to tell him it was my sister and that she is available... 

Not for another couple of months until she graduates and then she is free to get herself hitched! He he... 
Well for your viewing pleasure - here is my sis! 


Craig and Heather ~ Love

Here is the cutest couple from our ward. They are the biggest crack up, everything they say, Peter and I find ourselves rolling on the floor laughing. They are also two of the most sincere and caring people I have ever met. It was such an honor to take some family pictures of them partially for Christmas and mostly just-because! 

The lighting in this field was INCREDIBLE! I have been dying to use a field with loads of texture and depth in my photographs. I was so glad they were willing to trek out there and have some fun. 

Thanks so much Craig and Heather for allowing me to capture the sweet love you two share. 


Senior Photoshoot

Let me introduce the beautiful, magnificent, talented, and hilarious Emily - my little sister! She is a senior this year and is so grown up I can hardly believe it! My funny little sis who used to walk around in her bathing suit and my moms pink pumps is now a full grown woman deciding on colleges and working in the real world.
She just turned 18 at the beginning of this month too!

My family lives far, far away in Texas and so I flew out to see them for a weekend and we took Emily's senior photos while I was there. It was way fun because their little downtown had all these cute run-down homes where we went and set up a mini studio.

We also had a blast with the crickets in a massive hay field with GIANT hay bails!

I am so glad I got to take some time with my sis and do these pictures for her. She should just forget school and go into modeling but I don't think my parents would approve... he he. I can't wait for her to go off to college and have a blast experiencing those years!

We all love you, Auntie Em! *More beautiful pictures to come...*

Wedding Bells for Nate and Xana!

My husband's best friend from elementary school got married a few weeks ago and they asked me to be their photographer! It was a lot of fun and both of their families were a blast!
I don't really understand what is going on with this picture - once I get it fixed, I will re-post it so you can see the true colors... right now it is doing that weird negative coloring.

Xana looked amazing in the dress her mom made! Her mother also made all the bridesmaid dresses, ties for the groom and groomsmen, vests for the little boys, as well as her own dress. I was WAY impressed! The colors they chose for the wedding were the beautiful rich colors of fall so everything looked very elegant and warm.

It was so fun to be with these two on their wedding day. You could tell they were SO excited! Everyone was way tired because they had all stayed up REALLY late the night before putting last minute touches on everything from the wedding video to the dresses. It all went off without a hitch!

Thanks Nate and Xana for allowing me to document your beautiful day! Best wishes!


8 is GREAT!

A great age for having pictures taken that is! Paige and I had so much fun together pretending that she was a beautiful maiden in a garden dreaming of her prince charming or transforming into the lead in the play Oklahoma! 
Mid-way through the session she was really getting the hang of this model thing and started coming up with some of her poses all on her own! We just had so much fun playing. 
Congratulations Paige-y on your recent baptism! Your Heavenly Father loves you and is so happy with the decision you have just made! 


Now here is one cute and very active little girl. I must say that 1 yr olds are a lot of work but they sure are adorable. 
I, for whatever reason, just love this shot. I think it is a more abstract looking picture and I love the way the shading is on her back and face. 
Isn't she beautiful! I love this portrait of her with those little eyes. Just a perfect little face.