Senior Photoshoot

Let me introduce the beautiful, magnificent, talented, and hilarious Emily - my little sister! She is a senior this year and is so grown up I can hardly believe it! My funny little sis who used to walk around in her bathing suit and my moms pink pumps is now a full grown woman deciding on colleges and working in the real world.
She just turned 18 at the beginning of this month too!

My family lives far, far away in Texas and so I flew out to see them for a weekend and we took Emily's senior photos while I was there. It was way fun because their little downtown had all these cute run-down homes where we went and set up a mini studio.

We also had a blast with the crickets in a massive hay field with GIANT hay bails!

I am so glad I got to take some time with my sis and do these pictures for her. She should just forget school and go into modeling but I don't think my parents would approve... he he. I can't wait for her to go off to college and have a blast experiencing those years!

We all love you, Auntie Em! *More beautiful pictures to come...*

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Staci said...

hey this is staci..i work at skywest and i'm also in your ward. I hope its ok that i comment on your blog i just found a link through another friends blog. You know how blog surfing goes. Anyway i didn't know you were a photographer..i love your work!

Staci said...

ah I'm Miles' photographer only thats about as much I do. I love to get inspired by others work though. I hope you take baby pics b/c Miles turns 1 next April and we want pics!