I LOVE TTD Sessions!

I have yet to do one but I think they can produce some really sweet images! If any of my clients are interested in doing a TTD, I will do it for FREE for the first person who schedules one! 

Here is one that is a little extreme from the awesome photographers over at Del Sol Photography. If you are a photographer looking for some new and inventive inspiration go have a look at their blog, Flash Flavor. They are doing some great things down in Mexico and it seems like they are having a blast doing it!

If you are interested in the FREE trash the dress session (*note: this can be done for non brides too... if you still have your wedding dress or want to pick one up at the thrift store for pretty cheap you can have the offer too!) please e-mail me and we can work out the details from there!

2 love words:

Blake & Ally said...

I'm totally interested!

karlee said...

Do you know what I love about this blog of yours. On the side you have a list of "Whats in your bag." I love to know what cameras and editing programs people use. I am just getting into photography and its nice to know whats out there and whats good. So you should do a post of "Whats In My Bag" let us know what your favorite lenses are and what programs you started out with or recommend to beginners. Any tips and advice you have.... please!