Alessia's 2yr old Portraits

Well life has been nothing short of crazy recently... I just found out on the 7th that Peter (my husband) and I are expecting our first new addition to the family! I was working on a little animation to reveal the exciting news to my family who lives far away so that took some time. I have also been very sick lately, for obvious reasons, which has set my work load on the back burner. Not only that but things are starting to pick up for me right now and I have already had to reschedule one portrait session due to nausea. I did manage to get a shoot of this adorable little girl, Alessia. 

She is such a doll and was very patient, although not too smiley. We did figure out some ways to have some fun which included her dad getting a little wet!
These are for her 2 year old birthday. Her dress was SO pretty and she looked like a little princess in it. 
I was pretty worried about the location we shot at because it is a very frequently used spot for engagement and family pictures where we live but I think we were able to find some really unique shots and angles which makes this session all Alessia's own! 

2 love words:

The Style Sisters said...

Post some new pics soon! I love the pics! Hey check out my blog and see the pics I took at grandma's house. Fun stuff

Joan said...

The pictures of the little one in her pink dress are just beautiful. You are so darn talented. I love your work. I can't wait to have you do Grandpa and me .....when you get back. Of course I expect you will be able to remove some of the wrinkles and bulges, right?
Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Love, Grandma