Bena Macska

The stupid cat has been driving me CRAZY tonight. Peter was gone on some business appointments and so I became her best buddy tonight. I was working on getting those Hungary pictures edited and posted and the WHOLE time she was walking back and forth across my keyboard pressing delete buttons and other fun little buttons, trying to sit on my lap then biting me when I start to pet her. Then I started doing some laundry and of course she thought that was her play time so all of the clothes were targets of her madness and anytime I would move she would run like crazy around our bed knocking off folded towels and clothes every where! UGGH! I don't know if I will be able to handle a toddler... well I guess I will love them more.

Do you see why we call her the devil????

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The Style Sisters said...

aaaawww.. Priscilla you were so much fun to play with. Wild little kitty that you are.