The Maternity Shoot was SO much fun! The girl we shot was beautiful! Long and lean and just a cute little belly. We first took advantage of the beautiful sunlight and just before sunset went to the LDS Temple grounds and got some fun ones in their beautiful grass and cool old trees. Once it got too dark for decent pictures we went to my friend's house (she was my assistant on the shoot) and set up a mini studio and captured a few more good ones there!

It was so exciting, all I wanted to do was upload and get to work however we had a dinner appointment with some friends and so I have yet to even get a good look through them. :(

Tonight should allow me some time to work on a few and I will get them posted ASAP! Check back for updates on those pics.

Ps. Only 6 days until HUNGARY! Wahooooooo

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Karin said...

You go girl! I can't wait to see the pics!!

Karin said...

Cute Mads! Thanks for all your little comments! I love it! Have the best time in Hungary! Send us emails from there okay? Love you to pieces!

Karin said...

Actually the last comment really came from me, Tiff! As well as this one!

B Marshall said...

Hey how are things going? It is interesting to know that we only met over a few days but I already was able to know that you are cool and real. Thanks for writing.