Spring Surprise!

The latest in spring fashion has arrived and here is what my husband's reaction to it all was -

So I am sure you are wondering what the surprise is...

And a little cheese with the sassy cat.

I will be donating the approximately 10 inches that I cut off on Friday March 28, 2008 to Locks of Love. It is quite a shocker for people and today at church everyone was so amazed. I LOVE IT and Peter really likes it too even though he said he would never like short hair! Washing it in the shower was the best thing ever I hardly used any shampoo and it took like two seconds (I was a little weirded out when I went to pull down my locks of wet hair while washing and NOTHING was there!)

It all started in Hungary. I found a magizine ad with this girl in it who had the CUTEST short hair cut and I showed it to Peter and he thought it would be okay but he (like always) tried to point out something that that girl had that I didn't, in this case it was wavy hair but that didn't bother me. So while we were there Peter all of the sudden decided to change his mind and told me that I should cut my hair! I was shocked and knew that I needed to take advantage of this fast or I might never receive his good wishes again when cutting my hair. We found a place where his old Mission President and his wife used to get their hair cut (I was a little nervous because who knows, it was Hungary for heaven sakes...) We walked into the salon and Peter began talking with this really cute lady with a really cute short hair cut! However when they finished talking Peter told me to my dismay that they were all booked out for the day. Oh well I guess I would just have to wait and pester Peter some more one day when I was feeling up to it.

Well when we got home I continued to think about that hair cut but didn't really say too much about it. On Thursday night Peter asked me if I was going to set up an appointment with my hair stylest, Karen Jorgensen. I asked him if I could and he said, "You better!"

Friday while I was at work I thought and thought about the hair cut all day and then just before lunch Peter called and told me to set up my appointment for TODAY! As soon as we got off the phone I called Karen and she was able to fit me in at 4 o'clock. I could hardly focus the rest of the day! Peter was really excited to see it too.

I am so glad I have cut my hair and just in time for the heat of the summer! Hope you all like it! And if you are thinking of cutting it all off... JUST DO IT!

Here is the most recent picture taken of me before I got my hair cut. (This was taken for work).

4 love words:

Ryan and Alli said...

i was so priviledged to be one of the first to see your cute new do! and i absolutely love it!!! you wear it well!!! :) i'm so glad Peter loves it!

The Style Sisters said...

Love Love Love the hair!! It looks so european!! I love the new photo at the top of your blog that is such a beautiful photo of the cake.

Love, Ya

Blake & Ally said...

Madelin you are one gorgeous babe! I love it! I would never be daring enough but have wanted to do the pixi cut for so long. It is very fresh and stylish. I do want to get together. We've been so crazy busy and traveling too but things are settling down now. I'll look you up.

Lindsey Wintch said...

You go girl! so Cute on You!